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Made in Colombia
Modern Glasses Accessories

Our Story

People want to take care of their glasses without giving up their style. That’s why we created Sajú. Sajú is a Colombian brand that produces beautiful straps to protect your valuable glasses. We believe eyewear retainers can be both useful and fun. Our amazing team of designers and engineers sought to reinvent traditional straps. This is how we developed The Monkey Grip- which is 10x stronger than your average glasses straps.

Sajú's mission is to bring back life and creativity to an accessory that's known for being un-fashionable- until now. Our vision is to is to hang onto every pair of glasses in the world whether they are sunglasses or prescription to give our customers some fun in their every day life. Sajú the Monkey doesn’t forget where he came from, and that’s why we take care of our planet and his environment by producing packaging with biodegradable materials.

Juan Pablo Pradilla

Founder of Sajú

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