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Made in Colombia
3D Papercraft Puzzles for Adults & Children

Our Story

Zutopia 3D papercraft puzzles for adults and children are made from 100% eco-friendly biodegradable materials. I have always looked to nature for inspiration. This is why I specifically began to focus on designing animals from 100% eco-friendly biodegradable materials. ⁠⁣⁠⁣We seek to raise awareness about the importance⁠ of the conservation of wildlife through products inspired by⁠ nature. 

Each piece invites us to reflect on the majesty of each species. Zutopia works hand in hand with Colombian artisans to give life to these projects and continue our mission of environmental well-being⁠⁣⁣

Camila Sanint

Founder of Zutopia


Easy to put together. All you need is a glue and some time to have a lot of fun


We use 100% environmentally friendly material that are high quality. Both the product & the packaging is recyclable


Once you're done putting the puzzle together, enjoy using it as a decorative item in your favorite room

Choose Your Favorite Animal?

Horse / UnicornHorse / Unicorn

Here is How to Solve the Puzzle

Read all instructions before beginning.

- You'll need:

1- Liquid glue (ex. colbon / UHU)

2- Time to have fun, relax and de-stress.

Identification Numbers:

You will find a letter and a number within a circle. The number indicates the ideal order in which you should stick the pieces. This order is only a suggestion according to our experience, but feel free to paste it in the order you want.

Pasting the Numbers:

Each side is identified with a number located around the edge of the piece. Each number is repeated twice. These tell you where you should paste each tab. Matching numbers should be pasted together.Keep in mind that these are random numbers and do not indicate any specific order.

Line Types

You will find two types of lines that require two different kinds of folding. Below we explain each one.

1- Mountain fold: Fold down

2- Valley fold: Fold up

Pasting the pieces

Paste the pieces one by one taking into account that the tab goes inside, that is, it must be glued by covering the number that matches the piece. Always ensure that the edge of the first piece aligns perfectly with the folding line of the second piece (the one with the matching number.) 

Do not use a lot of glue. Press firmly when you paste two pieces together and the glue will spread with pressure. You can use a wooden stick to apply the glue and remove excesses. Make sure you give the glue some time to dry.

Quick Tip:

Carefully separate the pre-cut pieces by cutting where necessary by the continuous black line and organize them in order according to their identification number. 

Organize all the pieces in order taking into account the identification number, so that you have 1 left, then 2 and so on.

And Now, Let the Fun Begin

1- Take the first piece and make all the necessary folds according to the types of line. Be sure to fold it in the right direction.

2- Check for duplicate numbers. If the numbers match paste them together. If not, continue with the next piece. Then take the next piece, make the necessary folds, check for matching numbers and paste them.

3- Then, take the third piece, and repeat! 

In some animals you will find that for example the X13 and the X14 have no partners in common. 

Do not worry, continue with the next piece and paste them. You will be putting together a second group. Once you have armed groups you can paste them together. By groups we refer to X number of pieces that must be glued together before being glued to the rest. 

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