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Anti Aging / Skin Soothing Gel

Premium skin-soothing gel and lotion made from 100% natural silk and cottonseed oil for smooth skin.
  • Skin Soothing Gel: Analise Gel is a Gentle yet Effective Anti-Aging Gel That Keeps Your Skin Hydrated and Smooth Without Clogging Pores. Analise Soothing Gel Prevents Dry Skin, Oily Skin, & Skin Wrinkles. It Features a Fresh Gel Texture That Dissolves Quickly Without Leaving Any Sticky Residue. Suitable for All Skin Types.
  • Uses: Apply the Gel Day & Night on a Clean Skin. Apply it on Your Face as a Hydrating Cream or as a Primer Before Makeup. It Can Also be Used on Various Parts of the Body Like Arms, Neck, Elbow, or Legs. Concentrate on Aread of Dryness for Added Hydration.
  • Responsibly Made in Ecuador: Ethically Sourced Raw Materials & Responsibly Made Product of the Highest Quality.
  • 100% Natural: Made of 100% Natural Silk and Cottonseed Oil for Silky Smooth Skin. Non-Toxic.
  • Friendly Size: it Won't Take Space Whether You're Leaving it on the Dresser or You're Carrying it Around on Your Travels.
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