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Flamingo Earrings

  • Hand painted pieces on MDF wood, sealed in resin, with silk thread tassels.
  • Without the tassel, between 4 cm and 6 cm.
  • Weighs between 0.18 to 0.25 oz.
  • Hand painted by local passionate artists that enjoy every detail of creating the product, making each earring an artistic piece inspired by nature.
  • All earrings are made to be light so you can wear them anywhere at anytime without harming your ears.
  • Trendy & thoughtful gift to anyone who likes nature, earrings, fashion, art, or handmade products. Find the piece that relates to your loved ones' personality & style.
  • Ethically sourced materials & responsibly made product of the highest quality. No one was harmed in making these earrings.
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